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Prominent Chicago attorney faces sex crime charges

Sometimes, when individuals are accomplished in life, they may carry a false sense of security that they are invincible. However, even if you are successful, you could be subject to a criminal investigation.

For example, a legal professional at a well-known Chicago law firm and his sibling's son have been charged with a sex crime involving an 18-year-old individual. The attorney has been practicing law at a competitive firm for over two decades.

The alleged victim claims that he met the attorney's nephew at a shop in late November 2013. The next morning, the nephew proposed hanging out at the uncle's home. According to sources, the victim claims that he blacked out after consuming a few beverages at the attorney's residence.

The victim explains that he was forced to consume the alcohol. Shortly after drinking almost two beverages, the man says he lost awareness and woke to discover the nephew performing sexual acts on him. Allegedly, when the man attempted to fight off the nephew, the lawyer performed a sexual act on the purported victim, too.

The victim claims that he lost awareness once again throughout the incident. He woke up the next day with no clothing. The teen told his parent about the incident after being driven home by the nephew. Now, the lawyer and his nephew face egregious charges.

The importance of retaining an attorney pursuant to criminal charges

While it seems bizarre that a seasoned Chicago attorney could be under investigation for a sex crime, such allegations are brought forward against successful individuals all of the time. The worst part: regardless of the outcome of the aforementioned case, the professional is bound to face serious repercussions for the sex crime accusation, alone. This could wreak havoc on the attorney's practice and professional career.

Sex crime cases often turn on the issue of consent. In many matters, the suspect will assert that the supposed victim consented to the sexual act. Conversely, the victim usually claims that he or she did not agree to contact. Often, the cases become a matter of the defendant's word against the victim's assertions. As a result, such cases require a solid legal investigation of the victim. An experienced criminal defense attorney can work to gather requisite evidence that helps support the word of the accused.

If you are facing charges for a sex crime, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Chicago lawyer. An attorney versed in criminal law can help reduce the ramifications of a wrongful accusation or any penalties associated with a conviction.