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We Can Help Fight The Criminal Accusations You Face

At the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards, we are a Chicago law firm focused on criminal defense. We have built a reputation for skill, integrity and tenacious misdemeanor and felony defense. No matter how serious the crime you have been accused, no matter how complex the case may seem, you can be confident in our ability to pursue the best possible outcome.

What Have You Been Accused Of?

We frequently handle state and federal criminal defense cases involving:

In addition to defending adults, we provide defense against charges for juvenile offenses.

You do not have to wait until charges are filed to hire an attorney. If you are under investigation, we encourage you to get us involved early to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way. Action taken early in the process can mitigate or even prevent charges from being brought against you.

An All-Out Effort To Protect Your Rights

From filing effective motions and actively participating in jury selection to every phase of negotiations or trial, we take a comprehensive approach to each case. You can count on us for:

  • Thorough investigation of all events and evidence
  • Diligent legal research to find precedents useful in your case
  • Development of personal profile information for use in fighting for acquittal or negotiating for reduced consequences
  • Knowledge of alternatives, from boot camps to diversion programs
  • Willingness to conduct skillful negotiation or to argue in front of a judge and jury

Deep Knowledge Of Evidence And Legal Procedure

Effective defense, particularly in complex felony cases, requires a lawyer who is technologically savvy and prepared to deal with many types of evidence. We understand the DNA, scientific evidence and forensics common in today's cases, and we can call on independent laboratories and experts in challenging the prosecution's case against you. Because of knowledge of jury selection, our founding attorney is called upon by fellow lawyers for jury consulting services.

Post-Conviction Work

We handle all appeals and post-convictions, as well as expungements and pardons.

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Our record of success includes several cases that have received national attention and set legal precedent. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 866-852-6426, locally at 773-467-7079 or contact me online.