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Drug Charges

Chicago Attorney For Your Defense Against Felony Drug Charges

Any felony drug charge must be treated with great seriousness. Conviction on any of a wide range of drug offenses can bring a mandatory jail sentence — and the length of that sentence could be determined based on precisely where you were, who you are accused of selling to and other very specific factors in your case.

To discuss the circumstances of your drug case and potential defense strategies directly with an experienced, resourceful lawyer, I invite you to contact me, Stephen L. Richards. I understand that your freedom and your dreams are on the line, and I am prepared to meet the challenge of defending you.

Strict Laws And Aggressive Enforcement Make Quality Representation Essential

In Illinois, more people go to state prison for drug possession than any other category or class of offense. The laws governing drug possession, intent to deliver, sale and manufacture are multilayered and complex. In recent decades, mandatory minimum sentences and extended maximums have been increased, and "thresholds" for amounts that bring lengthy prison sentences have been reduced.

Experienced In Possession, Sale And Drug Trafficking Defense

With over 25 years of experience in high-stakes felony trials and appeals, I am well-prepared to defend you against:

  • A full range of allegations ranging from narcotics possession to interstate trafficking in marijuana, cocaine or other controlled substances
  • Charges arising from possession, sale or manufacture of other drugs, including heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs such as Vicodin or OxyContin

Applying a firm grasp of the law, effective defense strategies and rules of procedure and evidence, I am diligent in challenging factors such as:

  • The legality of the search and seizure leading to your arrest
  • Reliability and admissibility of evidence against you
  • The work of chemists and others involved in analyzing evidence and providing testimony for the prosecution
  • The state's evidence of your intent to sell or deliver drugs found in your possession

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I have taken high-stakes drug cases all the way to jury trials and earned positive results. I have also succeeded in negotiations to reduce a possession with intent to deliver charge to simple possession. My approach to each client is highly personal and responsive, and I encourage you to contact me now for legal representation focused on results.