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Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking cases can be extremely serious, with life sentences on the line in the biggest cases. If you have been accused of this crime, it is critical that you choose a lawyer with the experience to attack the evidence against you, to challenge the way that the evidence was obtained, to challenge the credibility of the police officers involved and even to determine whether law enforcement followed the inventory process correctly when storing the evidence. My name is Stephen L. Richards. With more than 25 years of experience on my side, I know how to tear into a case from every angle, finding the weaknesses and building a defense strategy designed to keep you out of prison.

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All Drug Trafficking Cases Are Serious

State drug trafficking cases typically involve allegations that someone came into the state with marijuana or some other drugs in the car. These cases typically spring from traffic stops. In these cases, knowledge of search and seizure laws is critical. I will review the videotape of the stop, as most law enforcement vehicles are now equipped with dashboard cameras, to determine whether your constitutional rights were violated during the stop. If any errors were made by police officers, it could lead to your case being dismissed or to evidence being thrown out, ultimately strengthening your case.

I am similarly skilled at handling federal drug trafficking and drug conspiracy cases. Before these charges are filed, law enforcement typically conducts a thorough investigation using wiretaps, surveillance video and other techniques. I know the rules that law enforcement need to follow during sting operations. I know how to challenge evidence that was obtained illegally. I know how to build strong cases and follow through from negotiation to trial in order to protect you from the serious repercussions of a drug trafficking conviction.

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