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Serious Defense Against Federal Charges

Complex financial crimes, such as bank fraud, wire fraud, and fraud committed against federal programs like Medicare or Medicaid are typically charged on the federal level. At the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards, we have extensive experience defending clients against state and federal charges brought in the Chicago area and throughout Northern Illinois.

We are equipped to fight a full range of federal charges, including:

  • Federal white collar crimes such as bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud and Medicare/Medicaid fraud, as well as RICO charges
  • Federal conspiracy charges
  • Federal weapons charges
  • Federal drug charges, including drug trafficking
  • Federal sex crime charges
  • Terrorism

Many federal criminal offenses are also illegal on the state level. Defendants may be charged in state court, federal court or, in some cases, both.

What Makes Federal Charges Different?

While arrests and charges on the state level often revolve around a single event, such as a large drug transaction or violent act, federal charges typically involve complex, long-term investigations. These investigations may last for years, generating thousands of documents and crafting a sophisticated story for federal prosecutors to present to a judge or jury.

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This means federal charges are prosecuted zealously. These charges may also be affected by strict federal sentencing guidelines. While judges are no longer legally bound to enforce those guidelines as of 2005, they are still used to inform federal sentencing decisions. This often results in severe penalties and long prison sentences for federal convictions.

The serious nature of federal criminal charges requires serious defense representation. The Law Office of Stephen L. Richards is no stranger to challenging cases with high stakes. Our lead attorney, Stephen L. Richards, has handled more than 75 felony jury trials, hundreds of bench trials and thousands of negotiations in state and federal courts.

Protect Your Rights When The Stakes Are High. Call For A Free Consultation.

If you suspect you may be under investigation for a federal crime or have been contacted by law enforcement, it is essential that you take prompt action to protect your interests. Speaking with an officer or investigator is rarely in your best interests. The sooner you retain experienced defense counsel, the better your chances of a favorable result.

We know that legal trouble is not confined to business hours, and neither are we. Our attorneys and staff are available 24/7 to answer your questions and protect your rights in the federal court system. To get honest answers and experienced guidance in the face of serious charges, please fill out our contact form or call 773-467-7079 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.