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A Respected Chicago Lawyer For Your Felony Defense

A felony conviction will almost certainly change your life forever. If you are seeking counsel and aggressive felony defense for yourself or a family member in northern Illinois, you can turn to a firm who has tried some of the highest profile cases in our state's recent history.

The Law Office of Stephen L. Richards has more than 30 years of experience in capital murder defense and advocacy for people facing other serious allegations — from sex crimes to weapons and drug charges. We work closely with our clients and their families from a free initial consultation forward, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

Skilled, Resourceful Advocacy For People Facing Serious Charges

Our strengths extend across the spectrum of negotiations with prosecutors, trial practice and legal strategies for people facing:

  • Charges of murder or attempted murder, including multiple homicides and allegations of child murder or the shooting of a police officer

  • Drug charges ranging from possession of cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs to distribution or international trafficking of marijuana and other substances
  • Charges or an investigation into crimes such as fraud or embezzlement in the workplace, or other white collar offenses
  • Other felony charges arising from alleged sex crimes, gun crimes and other events
  • Felony charges against a juvenile defendant, who may need advocacy to avoid the adult court system and harsh, life-altering consequences

Taking Every Available Step To Protect Your Freedom And Future

We are committed to pursuing every available legal avenue to defend your rights. Past clients have benefited from our skilled, innovative approach to:

  • Forming a sound felony defense strategy based on your priorities and a firm grasp of legal precedents
  • Filing motions to exclude evidence on various grounds, making the state's case difficult to prove and sustain
  • Participating actively in jury selection — a critical step in most felony cases that go to trial
  • Pursuing reduced charges or mitigation in sentencing when the prosecution's case is strong
  • Interpreting, challenging, and presenting DNA, scientific and forensic evidence
  • Bringing effective testimony from family, victims, or qualified experts forward on your behalf

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Please do not give up hope for the future when you can contact a proven felony defense attorney ready to vigorously attack your case. We are highly responsive and invite you to call anytime.