Chicago Fraud Defense Lawyer

Fraud covers a broad array of criminal offenses. At the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards, I frequently defend clients against fraud and fraud-related crimes such as:

With more than 25 years of experience as a Chicago fraud defense attorney, I can defend against the most complex fraud charges such as those accompanied by conspiracy charges.

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The Stakes Can Be High In Fraud Cases

If you are like many people charged with fraud, you may not have a criminal record. With me on your side, it may be possible to keep it that way. In addition to the possibility of getting a criminal record, it is important to understand what else is at stake in fraud cases. The stakes tend to vary based on the amount of money allegedly stolen through fraudulent means. With the exception of high-dollar cases, prison is rarely a possibility. Still, the repercussions are likely heavy enough to jeopardize your career and your future.

Working With Experts To Build A Strong Fraud Defense Strategy

Your case may demand that I bring in a forensic accountant or another expert to ensure that investigation uncovers all necessary evidence and that the evidence already gathered by prosecutors is properly evaluated. These are number-heavy cases, which I have a great deal of experience with. I strive to resolve them as soon as possible, even before charges are filed if the case is in the early stages. My clients are frequently surprised at how swiftly and effectively I am able to cut through complex fraud charges and obtain positive results.

Contact An Experienced Illinois Insurance Fraud Attorney

Count on me to keep you apprised of the situation as your case moves forward, honestly informing you about possible outcomes and guiding you through the available options. A repayment plan or restitution can lead to fraud charges being negotiated away. Perhaps the matter will need to be taken to trial and handled more aggressively.

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