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Much Is At Stake When Facing Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

Medical providers under investigation for or charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud understand that their very careers are at stake. For Medicare or Medicaid recipients accused of fraud, the stakes are just as high. Regardless of the situation, if you have been accused of this complex crime, you know that you must choose a lawyer with experience, skill and knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid processes and procedures. I am that lawyer. My name is Stephen L. Richards, and I have spent more than 25 years building a reputation for resolving the most complicated criminal defense cases.

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Forms Of Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

Medical offices are often accused of this crime for billing Medicare or Medicaid for services that were not actually provided. Other examples include billing both Medicaid or Medicare and the patient's private insurance company, scheduling unnecessary office visits or tests, or upcoding.

One of the most common reasons for recipients to be accused of this type of fraud is falsifying the application to receive Medicare or Medicaid when not actually eligible. Other examples include using more than one Medicare or Medicaid card or selling prescriptions or other items obtained through the program.

Successful Medicare And Medicaid Fraud Defense

Having successfully handled cases like these before, our firm understands the strict regulations associated with these government programs. We know how easily mistakes can be made. More importantly, we know how to quickly resolve these matters, protecting the careers of doctors and other medical professionals and the future of program recipients. When possible, I will strive to prevent charges from being filed or negotiate penalties down to the bare minimum. When needed, we will go to trial to protect your rights.

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