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What Is Considered Self-Defense In Illinois?

People have the right to defend themselves and their family if their lives are in danger. While the laws vary from state to state, in Illinois the standard "reasonable force" is legal to protect yourself, your family or your property from a criminal threat.

If the individual who attacked you is killed, you could be charged with homicide. When this happens, you need an attorney who has the experience with proving that a homicide was justified in court.

Two examples of our success in justifiable homicide cases

Stephen L. Richards successfully defended a man charged with first-degree murder charges in December 2013 after the shooting death of his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, who had come over to his house. When our firm made the argument that it was self-defense, he was found not guilty.

In another case, our firm defended a man charged with first-degree murder, which was reduced to a second-degree murder charge after we raised the issue of self-defense. The reduction meant that the defendant went from spending 45 years minimum in prison to 12 years behind bars, a difference of 35 years.

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When you are facing the most serious of criminal charges and decades in prison, you need an attorney who has the trial experience behind him and who can handle the pressure and complexity of a murder case. For a lawyer with a track record of success, call the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards at 773-467-7079 or send our firm an email. Your future is on the line.