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Juvenile Offenses

If your minor child has run into serious legal trouble, you may be desperate for dependable counsel to help you protect his or her future. Whatever charges your child faces, I am a dedicated criminal defense attorney prepared to investigate, negotiate and litigate on his or her behalf. If your child is being prosecuted as an adult, I will do everything possible to have the case brought back to juvenile court. My name is Stephen L. Richards, and I want your child to benefit from the more than 25 years of experience I offer.

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What Has Your Child Been Accused Of?

I bring the same energy and dedication to juvenile defense as I do to adult defense. Whether your child is accused of theft or shoplifting, robbery, burglary, drug charges, drunk driving, sex crimes or anything else, I am prepared to fight for acquittal or build the best possible case for a sentence that will not jeopardize his or her future.

The Goal Should Be Rehabilitation

The goal in juvenile crime cases should always be rehabilitation. My extensive work in capital cases is a tremendous asset as I present key evidence in favor of alternative sentencing and rehabilitation for juveniles — often including personal history, school records and expert psychological evaluations or testimony. I am familiar with the juvenile courts and court officials throughout northern Illinois, including those throughout the Chicago area and Cook County. I know how to work with them to pursue a positive outcome for your child.

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