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In order to be successful, a criminal defense attorney must understand sentencing laws inside and out. I am familiar with Illinois sentencing guidelines, the many mandatory minimums in Illinois, as well as the various sentencing alternatives and when they may apply. At the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards, my clients benefit from more than 25 years of experience. They also benefit from my skill in sentencing mitigation. My goal is to get you through this with the lowest possible sentence, if any.

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Alternative Sentences

I believe in doing a full court press. The first step is to determine whether the charges can be won or the case can be dismissed. Can the charges be reduced? If I cannot prevent charges from being filed, my knowledge of alternative sentences can be critical. Depending on the nature of the charges, they may be resolved through deferred prosecution, a drug treatment program or a boot camp, for example. I know when these options may apply and what needs to be done to obtain these alternatives instead of incarceration.

The Sentencing Mitigation Package

When negotiating with prosecutors for a positive outcome, my strategy has to include information about the accused. It is important that prosecutors be presented with a social history of the accused. I want prosecutors to know that this is not a criminal, but a human being, and I want to make it absolutely clear to them why incarceration is not the best option. By being comprehensive in my criminal defense strategy, I have been able to successfully help people charged with serious crimes protect their future. I will do the same for you.

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