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Sex Crimes

In order to successfully defend clients against sex crime charges, an attorney must be aware of the unique challenges that will arise in these cases. For example, the prior bad acts of the accused are much more freely admitted and used in these cases, forcing the attorney to not only defend against the accusations at hand, but to address these prior, likely unrelated issues as well. With more than 25 years of experience on my side, I have built a record of success that proves my ability to handle challenges like these. My name is Stephen L. Richards.

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The Issue Of Consent

Sex crime cases often hinge on the issue of consent. The accused claims that the alleged victim consented to the sex act, while the alleged victim says she or he did not consent. Since there are rarely witnesses, it becomes a matter of he said, she said. The question then becomes which side's word should be trusted. In these cases, the attorney must investigate the background of the alleged victim. It may be necessary to dig deep into phone records, text messages, Facebook postings and more. I will gather the evidence necessary and I will prepare the defendant to testify in the trial, which may be needed in these cases.

DNA And Scientific Evidence In Sex Crime Cases

In rape, sexual assault, child molestation and other cases in which the defendant is being accused of something he or she did not do, the case will more likely hinge on DNA and scientific evidence. What tests have been conducted? Why or why not? How reliable are the results? I have in-depth knowledge of forms of DNA testing, and I know how this evidence can be attacked if it is present. No matter how challenging a case may seem, I have the strength to put the accused in the best possible position for success.

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