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Defense Against Theft Charges

Theft cases can be extremely complex, with some involving evidence that includes thousands of pages of documents that will need to be reviewed. You need to make certain that the attorney you choose is able to diligently review the evidence against you, finding all of the flaws and using them to build a strong defense strategy. You will find that attorney at the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards. We defend against charges of:

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Successful Theft Defense Requires Personal Attention

In many cases, particularly those involving theft crimes, success may hinge on much more than the details of the case. Of course, we will carefully investigate and examine all evidence, building a defense strategy based on the details involved. However, we often also complete a social history of the accused.

We will get to know you, and take what we learn to the prosecutor as part of a mitigation package. We want to make it clear to the prosecutor why reducing charges or agreeing to an alternative sentence is the best thing to do. Perhaps the issue can be resolved with restitution. Perhaps the sentence can be reduced. The bottom line is that we will do everything we can to get you through this in the best position possible.

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You have the right to be involved in your case. We will be honest with you in educating you about possible outcomes and guiding you toward the option that makes the most sense based on the facts in your case. From negotiation to trial, we will handle your case with skill and efficiency.

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