White Collar Crimes

Defending Those Accused of White Collar Crimes

You can turn to the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards for aggressive, resourceful representation if you are facing allegations of fraud, embezzlement or any other white collar crime. Whether you are under investigation or have already been charged, I will move quickly and decisively to protect your rights.

In my 25 years as a Chicago white collar crime attorney, I have defended people across the cultural spectrum against the most serious criminal charges. If your future may be on the line, you need a defense attorney who will fight for you. I am that kind of attorney.

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Skilled Representation in Your Embezzlement, Fraud or Internet Crime Case

Applying a solid understanding of current technology and both Illinois and federal criminal law, I offer a variety of services for white collar individuals such as:

  • Embezzlement defense for those accused of using company funds for personal use
  • Fraud defense for those accused of securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud or industry-specific offenses such as health care fraud or mortgage fraud
  • Defending those facing Internet crimes charges
  • Defending against allegations of money laundering and racketeering (RICO) violations

I know that the circumstances leading to your arrest or investigation may be extremely complex - and that evidence against you may include computer data, business records, an accounting trail and witness testimony. I am deeply familiar with effective strategies for challenging the prosecution's case and for negotiating a plea or reduced sentence when the case against you is strong.

Turn to a Proven Trial Lawyer and Seasoned Negotiator

In a white collar crime case, my approach to protecting your future may include:

  • Pursuing an acquittal or dismissal by vigorously contesting the evidence against you
  • Exploring restitution as an alternative to criminal prosecution, as well as sentences that emphasize community service or counseling
  • Asking family and other character witnesses to testify on your behalf

Contact an Experienced Illinois Embezzlement Fraud Defense Attorney

Before these allegations of white collar crime surfaced, you may never have had to deal with police, federal authorities or a lawyer. I understand, and I offer patient, fully engaged counsel focused on helping you make sound decisions throughout your case.

To sit down with a respected, knowledgeable felony defender who will know how to handle this serious challenge, please call me at 866.852.6426, locally at 773.877.3259 or e-mail me today.