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Do Not Wait Until You Are Charged With Embezzlement

Have you been accused of embezzlement, also referred to as employee theft or fraud? If you are like many employees who face these charges, this may be your first brush with the criminal justice system. You are concerned about protecting your rights, and you are concerned about protecting your career. You can turn to the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards. Our firm has more than 30 years defending professionals against these serious criminal charges.

In embezzlement cases in northern Illinois, you may be contacted by law enforcement prior to being charged. It is in your best interest to discuss your case with me as soon as possible, ideally before making statements to police.

Experience has taught us that early intervention can allow us to resolve the matter without charges being filed at all, saving you time and money and preventing a criminal record. Even if charges are unavoidable, we will be able to put you in the best position to move forward.

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Investigation Of Embezzlement Charges

What have you been accused of? Has your employer claimed that you were using company funds for personal use? Did you allegedly funnel money from company accounts into personal accounts? These cases often involve complex trials of evidence that must be reviewed by an experienced Chicago embezzlement lawyer. We have the experience to investigate, analyze and attack the evidence that is being used against you.

Contact An Experienced Illinois Employee Fraud Attorney

As your case moves forward, we will educate you about the strengths and weaknesses of all available options. Can the charge be negotiated away with restitution or a repayment plan for the money allegedly stolen? Will trial be necessary? We will provide you with the information and guidance you need every step of the way.

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