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2 men charged with murder in death of Illinois man

When people lose a family member or loved one, there is often a demand for an explanation for how and why that loss occurred. Additionally, there is an understandable desire for justice when a person is killed as a result of a crime. However, it is important that the rights of those accused of a crime, including those charged with murder, are preserved to ensure that the lives of even more people aren’t unjustly harmed. Two men in Illinois will likely be working to ensure that their rights are preserved after they were accused of murdering a man.

Men charged with murder after alleged robbery attempt in Illinois

Technology plays a major role in the everyday lives of Americans. Many have smartphones, tablets or other forms of electronics that they use throughout their day. Technology plays a more subtle role, however, through the use of items such as surveillance cameras. Although many people don't realize they are being recorded, police can often use such footage in the investigation of crimes. For example, after viewing surveillance videos around the time an Illinois man was found dead, police located three men each was charged with murder.

Illinois man charged with murder after home invasion

One of the most important qualities in life is the perception of safety. People want to know that they are safe when they are sitting in their own home or walking down the street. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and houses are sometimes robbed. A homeowner's safety is especially compromised if they happen to be in the home when the attempted robbery occurs. One Illinois man has recently lost his life when he was allegedly shot by another man, now charged with murder, during a home invasion.

Notable Results

  • Accusation: Attempt First Degree Murder
  • Facing: 30 years in prison at 85%
  • Result: Post-conviction petition granted
  • Accusation: Solicitation of a Prostitute, Obstructing Justice, Battery
  • Facing: 365 days in jail, loss of legal residence
  • Result: All charges but battery dropped, one year expungeable supervision
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