Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

For criminal defense in northern Illinois, you can turn to a respected lawyer and legal innovator who has made a career out of winning tough fights. If your future is on the line, or if a loved one has been charged with a crime, I encourage you to contact me, Stephen L. Richards, for a free consultation. Protect your rights when the stakes are high.

A Seasoned, Trial-Proven Attorney

Professionals whose careers are on the line and individuals faced with the most serious criminal charges turn to me because of my willingness to take cases to trial and my record of success. I am a veteran of more than 75 felony jury trials and 300 bench trials.

My ability to handle high-stakes, complex cases has earned me a national award for excellence in criminal defense, the Defender Prize. I am also listed in Super Lawyers and have a 10.0 rating on Avvo, the highest rating available on the lawyer rating site.

Always Ready With Insight, Diligence And Strategy

As an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer, my strengths include listening skills and responsiveness. My clients depend on the personal contact and clear guidance I provide through all phases of a case. My clients also benefit from my:

  • Familiarity with courts and officials in the Chicago area and throughout northern Illinois, which I gained over the course of more than 25 years practicing law
  • Ability to investigate and evaluate all documents, forensic evidence and other material relevant to the case
  • Ability to use technology to manage information and mount the best possible defense
  • Experience in plea negotiation and mitigation of sentencing, backed by the proven ability to argue cases in front of a judge and jury
  • Clear flat-fee structure, which covers everything from plea negotiation to trial and more

Contact Me For A Free Consultation When Your Future Is On The Line

I am determined to protect your legal rights and fight for a just outcome in every matter. In addition to criminal defense, I handle cases involving civil rights.

To schedule your free consultation, call me at 866.852.6426, locally at 773.877.3259 or contact me online.