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July 2013 Archives

Former Chicago area doctor charged with murder

On any given day, a channel surfer can find a dramatic crime show. These crimes are usually mysterious and shocking, and only the smartest of detectives can solve them. It is important to remember that these shows are a figment of someone's imagination -- they didn't really happen. However, a former Chicago area doctor has now been charged with murder in a case that has a feel of fiction and seems like it come be straight off the television.

Man charged with attempted murder in Chicago shooting

When spending time with young children, everyone wants to assure their safety. In most places, taking a small child to a park would be considered a reasonably safe activity. However, after an incident in a park in Chicago, one man has been charged with attempted murder. As of now, there appears to be little information regarding the shooting other than the injuries received and who the police believe is responsible.

Chicago hospital owner accused of fraud, denies allegations

The embattled owner of a Chicago hospital has finally issued a statement after his April arrest. The man, accused of fraud, denies his involvement with any criminal activity, instead insisting that the allegations against him were the result of criminals who simply wanted to paint themselves in a better light with the government. Partly as a result of the allegations against him, hospital officials have said it was necessary to shut down the hospital temporarily in order to correct their financial situation, bringing about concerns regarding people in the area's access to healthcare.

Illinois man charged with murder after freak accident

People seeking to purchase a new house spend hours with a realtor, going from home to home in order to find the perfect place to live. While house hunters can debate the merits of the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and location, the neighbors that come with the purchase of their new house are often wild cards that are difficult to determine prior to a purchase. One man in Illinois is likely wishing he had had different neighbors after an alleged altercation resulting in him being charged with murder.

Chicago man charged with murder of restaurant owner

When a beloved member of the community is brutally murdered, people demand answers and justice. This places pressure on the local police department who want to quickly solve the case and bring peace of mind to residents. However, it is important to remember that the life of whoever is charged with murder is also in jeopardy, making it extremely important that the pressure does not cause the authorities to make hasty, unsupported accusations. A Chicago man is now fighting for a life outside of prison after police accused him of murdering a local, beloved business owner.

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