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September 2013 Archives

Chicago area man accused of fraud

While the recent years have shown some improvement in the economy, things are far from back to normal. As a result, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce basic costs in order to improve their bottom line. Ideally, companies would like to reduce costs in ways that do not result in firing employees or poor service to their customers. Unfortunately, one company feels a man they hired to cut costs has cheated them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, the Chicago area man has been accused of fraud.

Illinois bus driver faces DUI charge

Being a school bus driver has its challenges and stresses. In such a position, a single person has the responsibility of likely more than 30 students at a time on his or her shoulders. They must drive them home or to school safely while also monitoring and controlling their behavior on the bus -- oftentimes with no additional support personnel. However, one county in Illinois is claiming that one bus driver handled this stress in a unique, and illegal, manner. The driver now faces a DUI charge.

2 men charged with murder after Chicago incident

Prosecutors have a difficult job. When a crime happens, they are urged by a public demanding justice to bring about charges and secure a conviction. Despite this pressure, they must attempt to ensure that there is enough evidence for a conviction before bringing a case to trial, simultaneously preserving the rights of suspected criminals and of victims or their surviving family members. After a shooting in Chicago, two men have now been charged with murder, along with other crimes.

Discovery of unconscious man in Chicago ends with DUI charge

There are very few people who can honestly say they are unaware of the possible dangers of drinking and driving. Driver's education classes as well as public service announcements have educated drivers about the risks they take if they choose to get behind the wheel and drive after they have had a few drinks. However, a recent case in Chicago that resulted in a DUI charge has some people wondering if it is illegal to even be in a car while allegedly intoxicated.

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