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November 2013 Archives

Chicago man charged with murder after police officer's death

Police officers know that they are risking their life every time they report for duty. Most are willing to give their life in order to ensure the safety of the people they are sworn to protect. Unfortunately, one Chicago police officer lost his life in an incident that occurred while he was off duty. Recently, a third man has been charged with murder for his involvement in the officer's death.

Chicago fraud suspect may now preparing homicide defense

Everyone knows the stress of car shopping. For many people, choosing the right model and trying to get the price that they feel is reasonable are not the only challenges when buying the perfect car. Many people also have to worry about their ability to secure appropriate financing to finalize the deal. One car dealer in the Chicago area who had previously been accused of fraud based on alleged attempts to secure loans for his customers now faces additional claims of being involved in a murder-for-hire plot and may find himself mounting a homicide defense.

DUI charge for Chicago man suspected of injuring cops

All drivers can attest to the fact that visibility is reduced significantly at night. This alone could create a dangerous situation that could result in a serious injury. When there are cars stopped in or near the road at night, the chances of an accident increase. One man in Chicago now faces a DUI charge after he hit two vehicles late at night.

Illinois teen charged with murder in double homicide

Peer pressure is a powerful force, especially among teenagers. When some teenagers get together, they act in ways they would never do so on their own. Illinois prosecutors would have people believe that a group of four teens who were allegedly together almost two years ago carried out a shocking crime. While peer pressure can be a driving force, it rarely ends in cold-blooded murder. However, one of the four teens has been charged with murder in an incident that left two people dead.

Notable Results

  • Accusation: Attempt First Degree Murder
  • Facing: 30 years in prison at 85%
  • Result: Post-conviction petition granted
  • Accusation: Solicitation of a Prostitute, Obstructing Justice, Battery
  • Facing: 365 days in jail, loss of legal residence
  • Result: All charges but battery dropped, one year expungeable supervision
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