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November 2014 Archives

3 men face drug possession, other charges after Illinois raid

The people in this country have many rights to protect them from the government. In many cases, an accused person's rights were violated. Many people without experience with the law would most likely be unsure how to address such a violation. Three men in Illinois will likely want to ensure their rights were not violated after a raid that resulted in drug possession and other charges in Illinois.

Challenge to Illinois law could affect who faces a DUI charge

Most people realize that driving while under the influence could have dangerous consequences. Others will admit that some sort of consequence when a DUI charge can be proven may be just. The Illinois State Bar is now challenging a law that was written a few decades ago, claiming that it unfairly leads to criminal charges against those who may not deserve them. If it is successful, it may alter who may be charged under certain circumstances.

Illinois car crash leads to DUI charge

Most any driver has been in an experience where he or she was unsure of which direction to go or the correct path to take. Unsure of an area, a motorist may end up taking a wrong turn, resulting in an embarrassing, potentially dangerous mistake. Unfortunately, one woman in Illinois now faces a DUI charge after a serious accident allegedly related to driving the wrong way.

Chicago lawyer can help with mail fraud charges

There are many crimes that seem to get dramatized in late night television shows. As a result, many people in Chicago are familiar with assault, embezzlement and blackmail. However, mail fraud is frequently a complex accusation that many people know little about. Luckily, the attorneys at the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards have experience with such charges and can help you fight if you are accused or are suspected of such crimes.

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