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Posts tagged "DUI charge"

Illinois changes marijuana laws

Illinois became the 21st state to decriminalize small amounts (10 grams or less) of marijuana on July 29 when Governor Bruce Rauner signed SB 2228. The new law states that a policeman or other law people statewide will no longer arrest or jail a person with that amount or less. They will issue tickets for a fine between $100 and $200, which will subsequently be expunged after payment of the fine. Nothing goes on your permanent criminal record.

Illinois man faces DUI charge after driving in mall parking lot

Anyone who has visited a mall at this time of the year likely knows of the chaos that could be encountered. As people across the country shop for holiday gifts, the malls -- and their parking lots -- become more crowded than at any other time of the year. The extra traffic in a parking lot could easily create confusion for a driver in Illinois. Unfortunately, one man now faces a DUI charge after an off-duty police officer claimed that he was driving erratically.

Challenge to Illinois law could affect who faces a DUI charge

Most people realize that driving while under the influence could have dangerous consequences. Others will admit that some sort of consequence when a DUI charge can be proven may be just. The Illinois State Bar is now challenging a law that was written a few decades ago, claiming that it unfairly leads to criminal charges against those who may not deserve them. If it is successful, it may alter who may be charged under certain circumstances.

Illinois car crash leads to DUI charge

Most any driver has been in an experience where he or she was unsure of which direction to go or the correct path to take. Unsure of an area, a motorist may end up taking a wrong turn, resulting in an embarrassing, potentially dangerous mistake. Unfortunately, one woman in Illinois now faces a DUI charge after a serious accident allegedly related to driving the wrong way.

Woman in Illinois faces DUI charge after accident

There are many different reasons a car accident might happen. A person might be unfamiliar with the traffic patterns. He or she may become distracted by pedestrians or there could be unexpected wildlife in the road. As a result, it is prudent that car accidents are thoroughly investigated in order to determine the actual cause before criminal charges are issued. However, an Illinois woman now faces a DUI charge after a car accident.

Illinois man facing DUI charge after pedestrian fatality

Any person who has driven after the sun has set knows that a driver's visibility can be significantly reduced at night. If a person were driving on a dimly lit street, it might be difficult to see pedestrians in the roadway. This is especially true if those pedestrians are not in a crosswalk, or if they attempt to cross unexpectedly. However, after an accident that could have just as easily been caused by reduced visibility, one man now faces a DUI charge after a pedestrian fatality in Illinois.

Man faces DUI charge after fatal Illinois car accident

The friendships forged in college are often some of the closest that a person may have. College friends serve as maids of honor, bridesmaids best men and godparents, among other roles. Unfortunately, one young man in Illinois is coping with the loss of two of his friends after a fatal car accident took their lives. He now faces a DUI charge in connection with their death.

Illinois teen faces DUI charge after accident

Many people do not realize the many rights that are afforded to us as inhabitants of this country. Of course, most people are aware of the basic rights of freedom of religion and speech, for example, but they could be unaware of the many rights of people suspected or accused of a crime. As a result, some people who face a criminal accusation, including a DUI charge, may be unaware that their rights have been violated. An Illinois teenager will likely need to ensure that all her rights were observed in the events leading up to her arrest as well as throughout the criminal process.

Chicago father faces DUI charge after death of son

The loss of a child is every parent's worst nightmare. However, the thought that a person may be involved with the events leading up to the death of their child is even more devastating. A crash in Illinois that took the life of a 4-year-old boy has also resulted in a DUI charge against the boy's father.

Illinois basketball coach facing DUI charge

There are many people who a person encounters throughout the course of his or her life that has a profound influence on them. When the vast majority of people are asked who had a major impact on their life, they frequently respond with the name of a former teacher or coach. Unfortunately, one man who serves as a teacher and a high school basketball coach in Illinois may be remembered for the DUI charge he now faces rather than his contributions to the basketball court and classroom.

Notable Results

  • Accusation: Attempt First Degree Murder
  • Facing: 30 years in prison at 85%
  • Result: Post-conviction petition granted
  • Accusation: Solicitation of a Prostitute, Obstructing Justice, Battery
  • Facing: 365 days in jail, loss of legal residence
  • Result: All charges but battery dropped, one year expungeable supervision
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