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August 2013 Archives

Former Cook County employee accused of fraud

There are millions of government employees who help ensure the day-to-day lives of residents run smoothly. They provide a valuable service that enriches the lives of individuals. One government employee in Cook County has recently been accused of fraud as investigators claims she conspired with someone else to steal money from the county.

Accident in Chicago area results in DUI charge

There are many causes for an accident -- especially an accident that occurs late at night. These causes include driver fatigue, distractions created by passengers, interference by other drivers on the roadway or a lack of familiarity with the area. Many people are much more likely to automatically assume that an accident that occurs late at night was caused by a drunk driver when oftentimes there is a much simpler, and less sinister, explanation. One woman now faces a DUI charge after a car accident in the Chicago area.

Illinois man charged with murder in shooting incident

It is not unusual for families to go together in the morning to a restaurant to have breakfast, especially on the weekend. For many, it is a stress-free time that allows the family to bond. Unfortunately for one family in Illinois, such a meal turned about to be their last as a complete family after the murder of the father. Another man from Illinois has since been charged with murder as a result.

Illinois man charged with murder in wife's death

When a murder occurs, investigators want to quickly find the culprit for several reasons. One, they want to make sure that a dangerous person is not on the streets putting other people's lives in jeopardy. For another reason, taking a long time to bring murder charges does not reflect well on them. While most investigators do an excellent job ensuring they have arrested the correct person, mistakes do happen. An Illinois man, charged with murder in connection with his wife's death, is likely hoping to prove that accusations against him are actually a mistake.

Notable Results

  • Accusation: Attempt First Degree Murder
  • Facing: 30 years in prison at 85%
  • Result: Post-conviction petition granted
  • Accusation: Solicitation of a Prostitute, Obstructing Justice, Battery
  • Facing: 365 days in jail, loss of legal residence
  • Result: All charges but battery dropped, one year expungeable supervision
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