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April 2014 Archives

Man charged with murder after alleged Facebook dispute in Chicago

Social media has become prevalent in the lives of millions of people across the country and around the world. Through it, people can market their businesses, make major announcements and share pictures with their friends and family. However, some people might argue that Internet interactions may tend to be more contentious because of the separation a computer screen provides. One man in Chicago has recently been charged with murder after an alleged dispute over a popular social media outlet.

Illinois basketball coach facing DUI charge

There are many people who a person encounters throughout the course of his or her life that has a profound influence on them. When the vast majority of people are asked who had a major impact on their life, they frequently respond with the name of a former teacher or coach. Unfortunately, one man who serves as a teacher and a high school basketball coach in Illinois may be remembered for the DUI charge he now faces rather than his contributions to the basketball court and classroom.

Chicago shootings leads to man charged with murder

It is sometimes astonishing how quickly lives can change. A simple action, such as going out for a cup of coffee, can lead to devastating consequences. One man in Chicago was recently shot in the head when he went for coffee. Another man is now charged with attempted murder, in addition to being charged with murder in another shooting that happened just four hours earlier.

Chicago woman accused of fraud pleads not guilty

As people lost jobs over the last few years, some turned to government assistance to help them through their hardships. Government programs, such as food stamps, allow people to purchase approved food items. Investigators claim that one woman in Chicago, now accused of fraud, took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public assistance program.

Illinois woman faces DUI charge after early morning accident

The effects of a car accident may sometimes be subtle. While cuts and broken bones are easily determined, the emotional and psychological impact of a motor vehicle accident may be more difficult to ascertain. These effects can often create confusion for the victim that may lead to behaviors that some people may perceive as evidence of being under the influence of alcohol. After an accident in Illinois, one woman now faces a DUI charge after police claim she drove the wrong way on the Interstate.

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