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Police aggressively monitoring sex offenders throughout Illinois

Sex crimes in Illinois still a major concern of police and officials throughout the state.

Law enforcement officers in Illinois are consistently developing new procedures to use when investigating sex crimes. Recently, an individual was arrested after using the internet to arrange a meeting with a 14-year old boy. The boy was actually a member of a law enforcement agency in the Chicago area. When the individual went to the place designated as the meeting spot, he was promptly arrested.

The offender was charged with a host of sex crimes, including the online solicitation of a minor. If convicted, he faces a number of possible penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence and subsequent probation.

Along with these penalties, those convicted of certain sex crimes will have to register as sex offenders. This means that there will be many various restrictions placed on the offenders' freedoms post-release. They will have difficulty finding places to live (many offenders struggle with homelessness), and could face real challenges when trying to obtain work after a conviction.

In addition to the requirements in place, police frequently will check in on offenders who have completed their prison sentences. The officers will go to the offender's last known address to make sure that the individual is still living at that particular location. If the offender has moved without notifying police, the individual could be facing additional charges once the new residence is discovered.

More departments have been devoting additional resources to monitoring these offenders, which can make it difficult for these individuals to be able to readjust to society after they have been released from prison. As the state continues to revisit the penalties in place on sex crimes, it is possible that more harsh restrictions could be in place in the future.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Illinois, you have to understand that you are in very serious trouble. These charges will not disappear after you offer an explanation to law enforcement, because these investigators are not looking to gain information from you. They want you to give them as much evidence as possible that they can use to convict you of the allegations that you are facing.

You need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney the very moment that you learn that police suspect you of committing one of these kinds of crimes. This ensures that your attorney can be by your side through any questioning by law enforcement officers, which allows you to be advised of your rights during the entire process.

Your attorney will be able to explain the exact nature of the charges you are facing, and also discuss what defenses may be available to you. If you have prior convictions, the punishments can increase, so it is important that you understand your situation before you make any decisions about your future.

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