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Appeals And Post-Convictions

Experienced Criminal Appeals Lawyer In Chicago

Our justice system and those who participate in it are imperfect. The right to appeal an unjust verdict or sentence is fundamental, but finding a lawyer qualified and willing to pursue criminal appeals can be a major challenge.

In decades of high-stakes legal work for the offices of the Cook County Public Defender and the Illinois State Appellate Defender, I took aggressive action for people convicted of various offenses and facing lengthy prison sentences or the death penalty. My experience includes the filing of many appellate briefs and many arguments before the state appellate court and Illinois Supreme Court.

To discuss your legal options with a dedicated and respected appellate lawyer, please call 866-852-6426, locally at 773-467-7079 or contact my law firm online today.

Honest Case Assessment By A Veteran Of Many Successful Appeals

You can turn to me, seasoned Illinois criminal appeals lawyer Stephen L. Richards, for a thorough, honest evaluation of the options available to you after a miscarriage of justice. I am deeply familiar with legal requirements and precedents for:

  • Direct appeals of the conviction in your case, based on a wide range of possible violations of your rights
  • Post-conviction petitions — Often due to your belief that you were ineffectively represented by your previous attorney at trial
  • Habeas corpus appeals

Throughout my career in criminal law, I have emphasized diligence in investigation, legal research and case building. Whether you have been convicted of murder, a drug charge, a sex offense or white collar crime, I am equipped to analyze possible grounds for appeal and deliver guidance based on my extensive knowledge and practical insight.

For Personal Attention And Guidance, Contact A Chicago Post-Conviction Petition Lawyer

I know from experience that the State Appellate Defender's Office provides outstanding representation — but also that its limited resources are in great demand. Because timing may be critical to the ultimate outcome of your case, I encourage you to speak with me as soon as possible to discuss your potential appeal. Call me at 866-852-6426, locally at 773-467-7079 or contact me online.