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DNA, Scientific Evidence And Forensics

A Defense Attorney With Insight Into All Types Of Evidence

The range and forms of evidence that can be brought forth in a criminal case become more vast and complex each year. Criminal defense in this technologically advanced era places great demands on an attorney's understanding of scientific evidence and how to challenge it or use it effectively in the defendant's favor.

As a lawyer who has handled hundreds of jury and bench trials, including murder and other felony cases that turned on extremely specific evidence, I am equipped to deal with all aspects of your criminal defense. If you are facing a serious felony charge in the Chicago area or elsewhere in northern Illinois, please contact me today for a free consultation.

Building Effective Defense Cases On Solid Legal And Scientific Knowledge

Throughout my 25-year career in the law, I have taken an intense interest in issues of evidence and its admissibility in court. For example, the 1993 Palatine Brown's Chicken homicide case involved not only the state's history and practice in dealing with capital murder, but complex factors such as DNA evidence, allegations of coerced confession, the admissibility of video testimony and more.

Working across the spectrum of criminal law, trial procedure and appeals, I have built extensive knowledge of specialized factors and issues such as:

  • Collection and use of DNA evidence — now considered in many drug and other felony cases as well as those arising from murder and sex crimes
  • The importance of and limits on evidence contained in cellphone records
  • How best to present, evaluate and challenge recorded statements from depositions and interrogations — as well as all types of video evidence
  • When to call on qualified experts to establish key facts, challenge the prosecution's findings and build the strongest possible case in your defense
  • Adept, productive presentation of forensic evidence in your favor

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I am dedicated to diligent investigation and finding the best strategic approach to every aspect of each case I handle. Turning to the Law Office of Stephen L. Richards can ensure that no stone remains unturned as we fight together for your freedom and future. To meet and discuss your specific circumstances and needs, please contact me today.